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Round the World Cruises - 2018

This website highlights six world cruises sailing in January 2018, all are departing from Southampton and are operated by the UK's three biggest and most experienced cruise lines.

As a company specialising in world and longer cruises, we also have an alternative website that features six luxury cruise lines with an exciting selection of 2018 world cruise itineraries - this website can be found here.

Finally, we have a new website aimed at those seeking a longer cruise but not necessarily a full world cruise. The website features over 250 "Escape the Winter" world cruise segments with departures from January to May 2018. Click here for this one.

The Ships

Below are useful comparison tables of the six UK originating ships that we feature.

To compare the tables below, side-by-side, download our 2018 World Cruise Summary PDF

More comprehensive information, including cabin details, deckplans and pricing, dining and entertainment, cruise itineraries and cruise sectors can be found via the SHIPS & ITINERARIES tab in the top menu. Be sure to also check out our comprehensive port information by clicking on the ports tab at the top of the page. It should be noted that this port information is very much scaled down from the individually customised itinerary that we provide to all of our world cruise clients.


Departs 9-Jan-2018
Number of Nights 99
Ports Visited 31
Port Stop Every 2.7 days
Tonnage 83,781
Passengers 2,094
Crew 866
Last Refit due Oct. 2017
Deposit Amount 15%
Balance Due 90 days prior to sailing
Today's Lowest Fare
Suggested Gratuities £5.50 per person per day

Departs 3-Jan-2018
Number of Nights 65
Ports Visited 23
Port Stop Every 2.5 days
Tonnage 76,152
Passengers 1,874
Crew 850
Last Refit Dec. 2014
Deposit Amount 15%
Balance Due 90 days prior to sailing
Today's Lowest Fare
Suggested Gratuities £5.50 per person per day


Black Watch
Departs 5-Jan-2018
Number of Nights 108
Ports Visited 32
Port Stop Every 2.8 days
Tonnage 28,613
Passengers 804
Crew 330
Last Refit Nov. 2016
Deposit Amount 15%
Further Payment Due 180 days prior to sailing
Balance Due 90 days prior to sailing
Today's Lowest Fare
Suggested Gratuities £4 per person per day


Queen Elizabeth
Departs 7-Jan-2018
Number of Nights 122
Ports Visited 38
Port Stop Every 2.8 days
Tonnage 90,400
Passengers 2,081
Crew 1,005
Last Refit May 2010
Deposit Amount 15%
Balance Due 90 days prior to sailing
Today's Lowest Fare
Suggested Gratuities $11.50 per person per day


Queen Mary
Departs 10-Jan-2018
Number of Nights 120
Ports Visited 42
Port Stop Every 2.5 days
Tonnage 151,400
Passengers 2,691
Crew 1,292
Last Refit May 2016
Deposit Amount 15%
Balance Due 90 days prior to sailing
Today's Lowest Fare
Suggested Gratuities $11.50 per person per day


Queen Victoria
Departs 7-Jan-2018
Number of Nights 75
Ports Visited 26
Port Stop Every 2.5 days
Tonnage 90,400
Passengers 2,057
Crew 981
Last Refit May 2017
Deposit Amount 15%
Balance Due 90 days prior to sailing
Today's Lowest Fare
Suggested Gratuities $11.50 per person per day

At a Glance - Sort and Compare

In the table below, select the ship code (e.g. "AU") in the cruise column header to show one cruise itinerary only, in date order, or "Featured Ports" above the list of ports to return to the full listing.

Key to ship code: AR - P&O Arcadia; AU - P&O Aurora; BW - Fred Olsen Black Watch; QE - Cunard Queen Elizaberth; QM - Cunard Queen Mary 2; QV - Cunard Queen Victoria

Adelaide, Australia         16-Feb  
Airlie Beach, Australia         13-Mar  
Akaroa, New Zealand         1-Mar  
Alexandria, Egypt     10-Apr      
Aqaba, Jordan 8-Apr   6-Apr   26-Apr  
Arica, Chile   8-Feb       24-Feb
Athens, Greece     13-Apr      
Auckland, New Zealand 19-Feb   22-Feb 23-Feb 5-Mar  
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei         25-Mar  
Barcelona, Spain         5-May  
Basseterre, St. Kitts   26-Feb        
Bay Of Islands, New Zealand 20-Feb   23-Feb 24-Feb 6-Mar  
Belize City, Belize           6-Mar
Benoa, Bali         20-Mar  
Bora Bora, French Polynesia     14-Feb 15-Feb    
Bridgetown, Barbados 19-Jan 22-Feb       23-Jan
Brisbane, Australia 26-Feb   2-Mar 3-Mar 11-Mar  
Buenos Aires, Argentina           6-Feb
Buenos Aires, Argentina           7-Feb
Busan (Pusan), South Korea       19-Mar    
Busselton, Australia         13-Feb  
Buzios, Brazil   17-Jan       31-Jan
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 29-Jan     1-Feb    
Cadiz, Spain 16-Apr       7-May  
Cairns, Australia 1-Mar          
Callao, Peru   10-Feb 29-Jan     26-Feb
Callao, Peru     30-Jan      
Cape Town, South Africa       23-Apr 26-Jan  
Cape Town, South Africa       24-Apr 27-Jan  
Charleston, South Carolina USA           11-Mar
Charleston, South Carolina USA           12-Mar
Cochin, Southern India     27-Mar   14-Apr  
Colombo, Sri Lanka 25-Mar     9-Apr 12-Apr  
Coquimbo, Chile   6-Feb       22-Feb
Costa Maya, Mexico           7-Mar
Cozumel, Mexico     21-Jan      
Darwin, Australia     9-Mar   17-Mar  
Dubai, UAE 31-Mar       18-Apr  
Dubai, UAE 1-Apr       19-Apr  
Dunedin, New Zealand         28-Feb  
Easter Island, Chile     6-Feb      
Fortaleza, Brazil           27-Jan
Fort Lauderdale, Florida       20-Jan   17-Jan
Fort Lauderdale, Florida           9-Mar
Goa, India 27-Mar          
Hamilton, Bermuda     15-Jan      
Hamilton Island, Australia     4-Mar      
Havana, Cuba     19-Jan      
Havana, Cuba     20-Jan      
Hilo, Hawaii, USA 7-Feb          
Hiroshima, Japan       16-Mar    
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 17-Mar       27-Mar  
Hong Kong, China 13-Mar     30-Mar 30-Mar  
Hong Kong, China 14-Mar     31-Mar 31-Mar  
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 8-Feb     10-Feb    
Horta, Azores     10-Jan      
Huatulco, Mexico 26-Jan          
Kagoshima, Japan       24-Mar    
Kangaroo Island, Australia         20-Feb  
Keelung (Taipei), Taiwan       28-Mar    
Kochi, Japan       21-Mar    
Komodo Island, Indonesia     12-Mar      
Kralendijk, Bonaire   19-Feb        
Kusadasi, Turkey     12-Apr      
Langkawi, Malaysia 22-Mar       8-Apr  
Limassol, Cyprus         29-Apr  
Livorno, Italy     17-Apr      
Madeira, Portugal 13-Jan 7-Jan   6-May 14-Jan  
Malacca, Malaysia       5-Apr    
Malaga, Spain     20-Apr      
Manila, Philippines 7-Mar          
Manta, Ecuador   13-Feb 26-Jan     28-Feb
Melbourne, Australia         17-Feb  
Melbourne, Australia         22-Feb  
Montego Bay, Jamaica           4-Mar
Montevideo, Uruguay   22-Jan       5-Feb
Montevideo, Uruguay   23-Jan        
Moorea, French Polynesia       17-Feb    
Mumbai (Bombay), India     29-Mar      
Muscat, Oman 2-Apr       17-Apr  
Naples, Italy 13-Apr       2-May  
Newcastle, Australia       1-Mar    
New York, USA       16-Jan    
New York, USA       17-Jan    
Nha Trang, Vietnam 16-Mar       2-Apr  
Nuku' Alofa, Tonga 16-Feb          
Ocho Rios, Jamaica       22-Jan    
Okinawa, Japan       13-Mar    
Oranjestad, Aruba   18-Feb        
Osaka, Japan       15-Mar    
Osaka, Japan       22-Mar    
Pago Pago, American Samoa 13-Feb          
Panama Canal Transit 23-Jan 15-Feb 24-Jan 26-Jan   2-Mar
Papeete, Tahiti     13-Feb 16-Feb    
Paracas, Peru     31-Jan      
Penang, Malaysia         7-Apr  
Perth, Australia         12-Feb  
Phuket, Thailand         9-Apr  
Pitcairn Island     9-Feb      
Ponta Delgada, The Azores     9-Jan      
Port Canaveral, Florida USA           10-Mar
Port Elizabeth, South Africa       21-Apr 29-Jan  
Port Klang, Malaysia 21-Mar   17-Mar   6-Apr  
Port Louis, Mauritius       16-Apr 4-Feb  
Port Stanley, Falkland Islands   26-Jan        
Port Victoria, Seychelles       13-Apr    
Praia de Vitoria, Azores   5-Mar       19-Mar
Puerto Madryn, Argentina           10-Feb
Puerto Montt, Chile           19-Feb
Puerto Quetzal, Guatamala       29-Jan    
Punta Arenas, Chile   30-Jan       15-Feb
Rabaul, Papua New Guinea       7-Mar    
Raratonga, Cook Islands     16-Feb      
Reunion Port, Reunion Island       17-Apr 3-Feb  
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil   18-Jan       1-Feb
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil   19-Jan       2-Feb
Rome, Italy     16-Apr   3-May  
Roseau, Dominica           22-Jan
Salvador, Brazil   15-Jan       29-Jan
San Francisco, California USA 1-Feb     4-Feb    
San Francisco, California USA 2-Feb     5-Feb    
Scarborough, Tobago   21-Feb        
Shanghai, China 10-Mar     26-Mar    
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt 9-Apr   7-Apr      
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt     8-Apr      
Singapore 19-Mar   16-Mar 4-Apr 23-Mar  
Singapore 20-Mar       5-Apr  
Southampton 9-Jan 3-Jan 5-Jan 7-Jan 10-Jan 7-Jan
Southampton 19-Apr 9-Mar 24-Apr 10-May 10-May 23-Mar
St. Johns, Antigua, British West Indies   27-Feb        
St.Lucia, British West Indies   23-Feb        
St.Maarten, Dutch West Indies   25-Feb       21-Jan
St.Vincent, Cape Verde Islands   10-Jan        
Suez Canal Transit 10-Apr   9-Apr   28-Apr  
Sydney, Australia 23-Feb   27-Feb 27-Feb 24-Feb  
Sydney, Australia 24-Feb   28-Feb 28-Feb 9-Mar  
Tauranga, New Zealand         4-Mar  
Tenerife, Canary Islands       5-May 15-Jan  
Ushuaia, Argentina           13-Feb
Valparaiso, Chile   4-Feb       21-Feb
Valparaiso, Chile   5-Feb        
Walvis Bay, Namibia       26-Apr 24-Jan  
Wellington, New Zealand         2-Mar  
Willemstad, Curacao Dutch West Indies 20-Jan          
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)     20-Mar      
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)     22-Mar